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Who is Elesse

Playful, sociable, relaxed and loving life - ellesse epitomises the perfect union of sportswear and lifestyle. Born from the Umbrian capital city of Perugia in 1959 from the mind of tailor Leonardo Servadio, both ellesse italia and heritage stay true to their roots and lavish in glamour, attention to detail and most importantly - enviable Italian style and finesse.


Elesse Philosophy

Across the brand there is one Vision 'Make it beautiful, make it better' with a Mission to 'be the world's most stylish sportswear brand' and a Purpose to 'deliver high quality sportswear that inspires confidence on and off the court'. The brand is friendly and flirtatious, never taking things too seriously. Ellesse is always at the heart of the party. They love colour, they love vibrancy and they believe in living for the moment.


Elesse Heritage

Ellesse Heritage is aimed at a younger, more fashion conscious consumer. The heritage consumers are trendsetters, not followers. For Heritage two additional attributes are added to the ellesse DNA– Bold and Authentic. The clothing is inspired by archive ellesse pieces that tell a story. Modern trends are fused with timeless ellesse pieces, creating the brands' future. The ellesse heritage retail identity is a modern interpretation of ellesse's sporting history and classic style. The combination of bold colour, contemporary materials and historical props creates an energetic retail experience.


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